Tororo Diocese

Welcome to the Archdiocese of Tororo! Find on this website information about the history of the diocese, its bishop, the main functions in the diocese, diocesan statistics, religious communities of men and women with their respective addresses, other institutions including seminaries, catechetical centre, hospitals and health centres, parishes, centres with resident priests, diocesan and relgious priests with their dates of ordination


The Story of the Archdiocese of Tororo is closely linked with the development of the Vicariate of the Upper Nile. This Vicariate was established by Pope Leo XIII in 1894 and entrusted to the Mill Hill Missionaries. It comprised the area stretching from St. Peter’s Church, Nsambya (Uganda) to St. Patrick’s Church, Naivasha, (Kenya).

Its subsequent history can be looked at in four phases.The first phase (1896-1924) saw the building of mission stations in East Buganda, Busoga, Bukedi, Bugisu and Teso. The second phase (1925-1950) was marked by the creation of the Vicariate of Kavirondo (later Kisumu) in 1925, thus cutting off the Kenyan portion of the Vicariate. Beginning in the 1930s, there was an increase in the number of people asking for Baptism, to which the Mill Hill Missionaries responded by sending more priests and brothers and doubling the number of parishes.


The Most Reverend Archbishop Emmanuel Obbo

The Ordinary, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Obbo, AJ was born in Nagongera Parish in Tororo (Archdiocese of Tororo) on 7th Oct. 1952.

He was ordained priest of the Congregation of the Apostles of Jesus (AJ) on 13th Dec. 1986 in Nagongera Parish. He was appointed second Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese on 27th June 2007.

He was ordained Bishop and installed as the second Ordinary of Soroti Catholic Diocese on 6th Oct. 2007. Currently he is the Apostolic administrator of Soroti.

The Holy Father accepted the resignation of Archbishop Denis Kiwanuka of Tororo, and appointed him to become the new Archbishop of Tororo. Archbisop Obbo also remains the Apostolic Administrator of Soroti until further notice.

The installation of the new Archbishop of Tororo took place in March 2015  at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral - Nyangole, in Tororo.


The Most Reverend Archbishop Emeritus Denis Lote Kiwanuka

was born on 25th March 1938 at Pallisa. He was ordained a priest on 19th Dec. 1965 in Tororo. Elected First Bishop Kotido on 8th June 1991, he was consecrated a Bishop on 19th August 1991.

On 27th of June 2007, the Holy Father appointed Bishop Denis Lote Kiwanuka, the Second Metropolitan Archbishop of Tororo.

Archbishop’s House,
P.O.Box 632
Tel: 04544-45526 or  0772-525182, Fax: 04544-45255


Archbishop Emeritus
The Most Reverend James Odongo was born on 27th March 1931 at Molo, on Tororo-Mbale road. He was ordained a priest in Rome on 22nd Dec.1956. Elected Titular Bishop of Baana and Auxiliary Bishop of Tororo on 25th Nov. 1964. He was consecrated Bishop on 16th Feb. 1965, and appointed Bishop of Tororo on 16th August 1968. He became the First Metropolitan Archbishop of Tororo on 2nd Jan. 1999. On 27th June 2007 the Holy Father accepted his resignation from the pastoral care of the Archdiocese of Tororo

Archbishop Emeritus’ House,
P.O. Box 933, MBALE - UGANDA
Res.Tel :+256454434264
Fax : 04544-33754
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Telephone contacts


Description Number


8,837 sq km (3,500 sq miles)

Population (Approx.) 4,000,000
Catholics (Approx.) 700,000
Number of Parishes 43
Clergy /Religious etc.:  
All Priests 105
Diocesan Priests 93
Religious Priests 10
Fidei Donum Priests 2
Religious Women 117
Religious Men 16
Catechists 1,065
Health Centres:  
Hospitals 2
Health Centre IV 2
Health Centre III 9
Health Centre II 6
Pre-Primary 26
Primary 439
Secondary 45
Technical /Vocational 11
Teachers’ Training College 1
University Campus 1
Minor 1
Major 1


ACHILET: St. Therese/Boni Pastoris (1940)
P. O Box 11, TORORO
Benedictine Missionaries of St. Ottilien (Tororo)
Little Sisters of St. Francis
St. James Boys’ Boarding Primary School
P. O Box 54, TORORO


LUMINO: Our Lady of Lourdes (1957)
P. O Box 39, BUSIA
Lumino Health Centre II

AGURURU: St. Bruno Sserunkuuma (1970)
P. O Box 489, TORORO
Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales
St. Jude Social Centre


MAGALE: St. John the Baptist (1938)
P. O Box 934, MBALE
Sisters of Mary, Magale Health Centre IV

BUCHUNYA: Our Lady of the Assumption (1968)
P. O Box 996, MBALE
Daughters of Mar


MALABA: St. Jude (1981)
P. O Box 23, MALABA
BUDADIRI: Christ the King (1935)
P. O Box 962, MBALE
Sisters of Mary
Budadiri Health Centre II

MBALE: St. Augustine (1944)
P. O Box 226, MBALE
Sacred Heart Sisters
St. Austin’s Social Centre, Tororo Diocesan Communications’ Centre, St. Austin’s Hostel,
St. Austin’s Health Centre II

BUDAKA: St. Anthony (1901)
P. O Box 146, MBALE
Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga
Little Sisters of St. Francis
St. Anthony’s Technical School
Budaka Rehabilitation Home
Budaka Health Centre II
Budaka Pastoral Centre


MOLO: St. Augustine (1969)
P. O Box 308,TORORO
BUDUDA: St. John Bosco (1939)
P. O Box 316, MBALE
Daughters of Mary

MULAGI :St. Boniface (1938)
P. O Box 832, TORORO
Eucharistic Handmaids Sisters, Mulagi Technical School
Mulagi Vocational Institute, Mulagi Health Centre III

BUGITIMWA: St. Maria Assumpta (1959)
P. O Box 1760, MBALE
Benedictine Missionaries of St. Ottilien (Tigoni)


MULANDA: St. Joseph (1941)
P. O Box 28,TORORO

BUKWA: St. Joseph (1956)
Sisters of Mary
Bukwa Health Centre IV
St. Joseph Social Centre

MUYEMBE:L St. Peter Claver (1951)
P. O Box 1334,MBALE
Sisters of Mary

BUTEBO: Our Lady of Fatima (1960),

P. O Box 541, MBALE

NAGONGERA: St. Wilbrod (1913)
P. O Box 402,TORORO
Little Sisters of St. Francis
St. Pius X Seminary

BUSIA: St. Jude Thaddeus (1993)
P. O Box 136, BUSIA

NAMATALA: St. Denis Ssebugwawo (1970)
P. O Box 550, MBALE
Mill Hill Missionaries
Missionaries of Charity

BUTIRU: Holy Family (1960)
P. O Box 234, TORORO
Sisters of Mary
Butiru Health Centre II
Butiru Rehabilitation Home
Butiru Technical School
P. O Box 234, TORORO
Sisters of Mary
Butiru Health Centre II
Butiru Rehabilitation Home
Butiru Technical School

NAMWAYA: St. Martha Catholic Church (2006)
P. O. Box 402,TORORO
CHELEKURA: St. John the Baptist (2005)
P. O Box 110, PALLISA
NYANGOLE: Uganda Martyrs’ Cathedral (1981)
P. O Box 25, TORORO
Benedictine Missionaries of St. Ottilien
Benedictine Sisters, Benedictine Sisters’ Hostel
Benedictine Fathers’ Technical School
Benedictine Fathers’ Clinic, Benedictine Fathers’ Nursery School, Benedictine’s Eye Hospital, Sisters of Mary
DABANI: St. Francis Xavier (1920)
P. O Box 1, BUSIA
Little Sisters of St. Francis
Dabani Health Centre IV

NYONDO: Immaculate Conception (1906)
P. O Box 69, MBALE
Sisters of Mary, Sisters of Mary Formation House
Sisters of Mary Regional House, Nyondo Health Centre III,
Nyondo PTC Chaplaincy, Nyondo Sisters of Mary Chaplaincy

GANGAMA: Our Lady of Fatima (1954)
P. O Box 612, MBALE
Sisters of Mary, St. Kizito Babies’ Home
Gangama Health Centre II, St. Paul’s College,
St. Paul’s College Farm


OSIA: St. Jude (1972)
P. O Box 575, TORORO
Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales
KABWANGASI: St. Theresa of Avila (2003)
P. O Box 866, MBALE
PALLISA: St. John the Baptist (1932)
P. O Box 12, PALLISA
Little Sisters of St. Francis, Little Sisters of St. Francis Postulate, Pallisa Health Centre II
KACHONGA: Queen of Peace (1986)
P. O Box 720, MBALE, Tel:0782-423044

SIPI: Holy Angels (1937)
Sisters of Mary, Sipi Health Centre II

KAMUGE-OLINGA:St. Stephen (1995)
P. O Box 130, PALLISA, Tel. 0772-526975

SITUMI: St. Augustine of Hippo (1964)
P. O Box 647, MBALE
Daughters of Mary

KAPCHORWA: St. James (2005)
P. O Box 20 , KAPCHORWA,

Tel. 0772-607220

TORORO: Sacred Heart of Jesus (1955)
P. O Box 164, TORORO,
Tel. 075-594959
Little Sisters of St. Francis, Regional House
Little Sisters of St.Francis, St.Anthony’s
St. Anthony’s Hospital, Tororo Girls’/Manjasi High School Chaplaincy, Sacred Heart Church Nursery School

KAPRORON: St. Michael (1964)
St. Michael’s Hostel, St. Michael’s Social Centre, Likil Health Centre II

TUNYI: Mater Dei (1956)
P. O Box 1784, MBALE
Tunyi Health Centre II, Sipi Health Centre II

KIBUKU: St. Maria Gorretti (1966)
P. O Box 951, MBALE

Busia Parish,
Dabani Parish,
Lumino Parish

KWAPA: Mater Dolorosa (1939)
P. O Box 117, TORORO

Kachonga Parish,
Mulagi Parish

Gangama Parish,
Namatala Parish,
Nyondo Parish,
St. Austin’s Parish

Bukwa Parish,
Kaproron Parish,
Sipi Parish

Buchunya Parish,
Bududa Parish,
Butiru Parish,
Magale Parish
Situmi Parish

Deaneries and Parishes

The Archdiocese is divided into 10 Deaneries as indicated with their respective Parishes.

BUDADIRI Budadiri, Bugitimwa, Muyembe, Sironko and Tunyi
BUDAKA Budaka and Kibuku
DABANI Busia, Busitema, Dabani and Lumino
KWAPA Kwapa, Malaba and Molo
MAGALE Buchunya, Bududa, Butiru, Magale, Situmi
MULAGI Kachonga and Mulagi
NGONGERA Achilet, Mulanda, Nagongere, Namwaya and Soni Kainja
NYONDO Gangama, Namatala, Nyondo, St. Austin’s
PALLISA Butebo, Chelekura, Kabwangasi, Kamuge–Olinga and Pallisa
SIPI Bukwa, Kapchorwa, Kaproron and Sipi


Agururu, Nyangole, Osia and Sacred Heart


Heads of departments 

Unless stated otherwise, the contact information for these officials and departments is the same as that of the Archbishop’s office.

Episcopal Vicar For Religious

Fr. Joseph Kamiza

Chancellor Vacant
Archbishop’s Private Sec.y Sr. Josephine P.Shibwabo SMK
Judicial Vicar Fr. Paul Masolo
Financial Secretary (Treasurer) Fr. Christopher Emuseet
Assistant Financial Secretary Fr. Sylvester Okoth
Education Secretary Vacant
Religious Education Advisor Vacant
Pastoral Coordinator Fr. James Achara
Lay Apostolate Coordinator Fr. Fabian Talisuna
Vocations Director Fr. Thomas Aquinas Outa
Youth Chaplain Vacant
Caritas Tororo (SSD)/Development Fr. Pius Okumu,Fr. Bernard Wakyemba
Medical Services Coord. Sr. Aligonda Wanyenze SMK
Director Of Pontifical Missionary Societies Fr. Cyril Buyeera
Ass.PMS Director Fr. Moses Kisaka
Procurator Fr. Sylvester Okoth
Catechists’ Chaplain Fr. Herman Kakooza
Catechists’ Coordinator Mr. Lawrence Kitongo
Communications & Information Sec. Fr. Timothy Mayamba
Editor, Archdiocesan News Bulletin Fr. Benjamin Angirotum
Women’s Coordinator Vacant


ArchibishopDenisKiwanukaLote -Chairman
Fr. Emuseet Christopher
Fr. Kamiza Joseph
Fr. Masayi John Baptist
Fr. Mubi Dominic
Fr. John Richard Owori


Fr. Simon Peter Watenyeri

Judicial Vicar
Fr. Paul Masolo
P. O. Box 1871, KAMPALA
Tel. 0772481335

Vicar General: Vacant


Priests of religious institutes and societies of apostolic life

Name Date of Ordination Appointment
Fr. Fanning, James MHM 22/06/74 St. Peter’s H’se,Tororo
Fr. Smeets, Hans MHM 14/07/59 Namatala Parish
Fr. Devadoss, Francis MSFS 26/07/03 Agururu Parish
Fr. Nierappel, Sebastian MSFS 31/07/99 Osia Parish
Fr. Lukenge, Fr. Patrick OSB 12/10/12 Christ the King, Monastery
Fr. Obbo, Benedict OSB 07/07/01 Christ the King, Monastery
Fr. Ojaka, Boniface OSB 20/11/88 Bugitimwa Parish
Fr. Omita, Valentine OSB 20/11/88 Kwapa Parish
Fr. Okoth, Matthew OSB 07/09/96 Achilet Parish
Fr. Etengu, Edward OSB 13/08/05 Christ the King, Monastery
Fr. Ssenkindo, Joseph OSB 24/06/95 Achilet Parish

Fidei Donum Priests working in the Archdiocese

Fr. Nikwenseri B. Abel (Kabale) 14.07.02
Fr. Kakooza, Herman (Kiyinda M) 12.07.03
Fr. Kayongo, Joseph (Masaka) 06.08.05

Diocesan Priests working elsewhere

Name Ordination Date Place of Work
Fr. Ojulun Robert 03/07/04 Diocese of Yokohama (Japan)
Msgr. Adolph Owora 04/06/58 Diocese of Moroto

Priests Of Religious Institutes and Societies of Apostolic life

Fr. Fanning, James MHM 22/06/74
Fr. Smeets, Hans MHM 14/07/59
Fr. Kallikatt Francis MSFS 17/04/97
Fr. Nierappel, Sebastian MSFS 31/07/99
Fr. Lukenge, Fr. Patrick OSB 12/10/12
Fr. Obbo, Benedict OSB 07/07/01
Fr. Ojaka, Boniface OSB 20/11/88
Fr. Omita, Valentine OSB 20/11/88
Fr. Okoth, Matthew OSB 07/09/96
Fr. Etengu, Edward OSB 13/08/05
Fr. Ssenkindo, Joseph OSB 24/06/95

Diocesan Priest Incardinated Elsewhere

Fr. Charles Opondo 03/07/93 Syracuse Diocese U.S.A.

Diocesan Priests ansent on indefinite leave

Fr. Emagalit, Zeverin 10/12/72
Fr. Gitta, Cosmas 17/05/80
Fr. Khulosya, James 14/05/83
Fr. Mataasi, Nicholas 14/06/80
Fr. Nandagala, Dominic 22/09/79
Fr. Opolot, John 18/07/87
Fr. Tebangura, Francis 08/12/68
Fr. Nabugodi, Patrick 10/06/89

Diocesan priests and their dates of ordination

Name Date of Ordination
Fr. Achara, James 10/06/89
Fr. Alakun, Joseph 01/07/06
Fr. Bahati, Henry 28/06/80
Fr. Achara, James 10/06/89
Fr. Alakun, Joseph 01/07/06
Fr. Bahati, Henry 28/06/80
Fr. Bubolo, Bernard 07/07/07
Fr. Buyeera, Cyril 28/08/99
Fr. Ekisa, Deogratias 04/07/98
Fr. Emuseet, Christopher 06/06/81
Fr. Eriot, Deogratias 20/10/84
Fr. Gimei, Frederick 07/07/01
Fr. Kamiza, Joseph 31/05/80
Fr. Kauta, John (Msgr.) 10/12/67
Fr. Kibiye, Michael 02/07/94
Fr. Kikoba Athanasius 03/07/04
Fr. Kisaka Moses 24/11/07
His Grace Kiwanuka Denis L 19/12/65
Fr. Korinding Michael 02/07/05
Fr. Lugolobi, Aloysius 23/08/86
Fr. Machese, George 03/07/93
Fr. Magombe Leonard 02/07/05
Fr. Manyange, Thomas 14/04/78
Fr. Masanga, Casimir 13/07/85
Fr. Masayi, John 08/12/84
Fr. Masolo, Paul 13/07/85
Fr. Mataasi, Nicholas 14/06/80
Fr. Mayamba, Timothy 23/08/86
Fr. Mesya, John 01/07/06
Fr. Mubi, Dominic 25/07/87
Fr. Musisi, Kevin 23/08/86
Fr. Nabugodi, Patrick 10/06/89
Fr. Naleela, John 31/05/80
Fr. Ngira, Pius 13/07/85
Fr. Obel, Andrew 03/07/04
Fr. Obo, William 03/09/77
Fr. Ochieng, Gaetano 29/06/02
Fr. Ochwo, Bernard 07/07/07
Fr. Ochwo, Jacob 16/08/97
Fr. Ochom Daniel 02/07/05
Fr. Odaro, Augustine 03/07/93
Fr. Odii, Philip 04/07/98
His Grace Odongo, James (Emeritus) 22/12/56
Fr. Odoy, Joseph 27/12/58
Fr. Ofwono, John 29/06/02
Fr. Ogwang, Francis Xavier 07/07/01
Fr. Okecho, Valerian 27/12/60
Fr. Okello, Godfrey 07/07/01
Fr. Okech, Pius 07/07/07
Fr. Oketch Alexander 01/07/06
Fr. Okeya, John Bonaventure 28/08/99
Fr. Okiru, Stephen 08/07/00
Fr. Okoth, Paul 10/06/89
Fr. Okoth Peter 03/07/93
Fr. Okoth, Sylvester 02/07/94
Fr. Okumu, Pius 29/06/02
Fr. Olaboro, Centurio 23/08/86
Fr. Olupot, George 31/05/80
Fr. Olweny, Romanus 16/04/87
Fr. Omodoi, Hippolytus 27/12/60
Fr. Omongot, Michael 13/10/79
Fr. Omusolo, Ronald 27/11/04
Fr. Ongiro, Cyprian 07/07/07
Fr. Onyango, Andrew 02/07/94
Fr. Onyango, David 27/12/69
Fr. Onyeba, Stephen 13/07/85
Fr. Othieno, Joseph Becket 29/06/02
Fr. Othieno, Peter 10/06/89
Fr. Outa, Thomas 08/07/00
Fr. Owino, Dismas 12/12/76
Fr. Owor, John Richard 07/07/01
Fr. Sasa, Agapitus 19/12/65
Fr. Syambi, Deogratias 07/07/01
Fr. Talisuna, Fabian 10/12/72
Fr. Wakeda, Francis 18/07/87
Fr. Wakyemba, Bernard 05/07/03
Fr. Wamelile, Simon 28/06/97
Rt. Rev. Wamika, Charles (Aux.) 22/09/79
Fr. Wanyama, Simeon 13/10/79
Fr. Watenyeri, Simon 22/09/79
Fr. Weteba, Peter 14/05/83