How you can send messages with Pope Francis

The Pontifical Mission Societies have brought Pope Francis to everyone's pocket through MissioBot. Associated with Facebook Messenger, it allows social media users to learn about the pope's missions around the world.

National Director, MissioBot
“It offers a new experience. People are on their cell phones all the time. There are over a billion people who are registered on Facebook, so certainly from the Church's perspective, getting access to those people in an easy way. They don't have to download an app, or they don't have to go to a website or they don't have to log on, they can do that just from the way they're talking to their friends.”

The goal is to spark an interest in missions through this initial conversation with “Pope Francis,” so those engaged will want to speak to real missionaries all across the world, pray for them and offer support.

National Director, MissioBot
“The Holy Father has made himself available to so many different groups of people that we find that there's always something to say and to hear and to be challenged by, whether it's to do with war and peace, how we treat one another, how we keep our commitments, how we're faithful to God in our faith. The pope has a lot to say and people, we find are pressing on that button, looking for the pope's wisdom.”

In November, as a reminder to pray for the dead throughout the month, they will be adding a new section where people can send prayer requests and missionaries will include them in their intentions.

National Director, MissioBot
“You can have a direct connection with the priests and sisters and laypeople who are half a world away. The Church, as the one Body of Christ, we are connected sacramentally and it's good to know that technology can also help that connection.”

It's just another way Pope Francis' message can travel around the world and connect Christians and missionaries in prayer.

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