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On 12th of July 1968, the Holy See detached the Lango District, until then part of Gulu Diocese, and erected it into Lira Diocese, naming Fr. Caesar Asili as its first Bishop. He was consecrated and installed on 27th October 1968, Feast of Christ the King, in Lira. Bishop Caesar Asili died on 12th Oct. 1988. He was succeeded on 1st October 1989 by Bishop Joseph Oyanga, who retired on 2nd December 2003. The retired bishop of Fort Portal, Paul Lokiru Kalanda led the Diocese as Apostolic Administrator from 2nd December 2003 until the ordination of the present Bishop of Lira, Rt. Rev. Joseph Franzelli.


Rt. Rev. Joseph Franzelli, MCCJ

Rt. Rev. Joseph Franzelli, MCCJ, was born in Roccafranca, Brescia Diocese, in Northern Italy on 9th April 1942.

He made his final vows as a Comboni Missionary on 9th September 1966, and was ordained a priest on 11th March 1967. He taught at the Pastoral Institute of Kitgum, Uganda (1972-73) and in Lacor Seminary, Gulu (1974-75).

From 1975 to 1982 he was the Rector of Kitgum Pastoral Institute. He then worked in Patongo, where he was Parish Priest up to 1987. Back to Italy, he served seven years as Master of Postulants in Florence and two years as Vice-Provincial in Bologna. From 1996 he directed the Comboni Year of Ongoing Formation, commuting between Mexico and South Africa, and helping in various administrative tasks in Rome until he was elected as the third Bishop of Lira. He was ordained in Lira on 9th July 2005.


The Rt. Rev. Joseph Oyanga (Bishop Emeritus)
The Rt. Rev. Joseph Oyanga [right] was born in Omoro, Lira Diocese, on 28th Feb.1936, he was ordained a priest of Tororo Diocese on 19th May 1963 in Alanyi parish by Bishop Cypriano Kihangire of Gulu. He worked in Tororo Diocese until 14th of July 1989, when he was elected second bishop of Lira Diocese.
He was ordained bishop of Lira on the 1st Oct.1989 and he retired on 2nd Dec. 2003.

Bishop’s House
P.O. Box 807, TORORO – Uganda
Tel. +256772576538

Bishop’ House
P.O Box 311, LIRA -  Uganda
Tel. (0473) 420498   Fax  (0473) 420498   
Mobile +256782976906  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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