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Message of appreciation from His Holiness Pope Francis and from Uganda Episcopal Conference to the people of Uganda

Dear Fellow Ugandans and all people of good will, I have the honour on behalf of His Holiness Pope Francis to convey to you his sincere appreciation for the warm welcome you accorded him during his visit to Uganda.


Before the Holy Father boarded the plan to travel to Central African Republic (CAP), he gave me the following message to deliver to you; “I thank the Bishops and the people of Uganda for welcoming me warmly and please pray for me.”
The huge crowd that lined up along the road, right from Entebbe to Munyonyo in the evening of his arrival on 27th November 2015 was something unusual for the Holy Father.

He was so happy and moved to see so many people waving to him, chanting his name and yearning to shake his hand wherever he went. You truly touched the Holy Father’s heart and he is very grateful for your hospitality and love. Read More

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