1. Bishops: Bishops are requested to come with their Episcopal Regalia and an Alb. Chausibles and Stoles will be provided.


2. Priests: Priests to put on their black cassocks. They should come with an Alb. Chausibles and Stoles will be provided to those who have been accredited.

3. The Accreditation exercise was carried out - some cards have already been printed, we are in the process of distributing them.

Some groups/categories will be getting badges, which are still in the print, they might be delivered to us by 24th Nov, 2015. Then we sort and contact you. We request for your patience and understanding.

4. Those from distant places/Dioceses, are advised to start arriving on the 27th at Namugongo. They will take care of their feeding while at Namugongo. We ask them to carry their identifications, some rain gear [due to the heavy rains], and NOT to carry heavy luggage.  We encourage them to cooperate with security for smoothing screening and to avoid commotions. The list of prohibited items is herewith attached.

Other people who were registered for other venues: Lubaga and Nalukolongo are advised to be seated at least 2hours before the Holy Father arrives. This calls on them to arrive early so as to go through the security process and to get seats. We request them to follow the instructions that will be given to them at the venues and to be orderly.

5. Kololo: All those to be at Kololo are advised to start arriving at 5.00 a.m so as to be in time of going through Security. Given the huge crown expected there, we request for their patience and cooperation as the Security officers in charge of security will be guiding them. MASS AT KOLOLO WILL START AT 73.0 A.M.

6. The Traffic guidelines are yet to be given to us by the Police/ Security [Government]. Due to limited parking spaces at all venues, those who can acquire GROUP TRANSPORT preferably buses, coasters, taxis are encouraged to do so. Lorries are not permitted for transport to the venues.

7.    The following items are Prohibited from the venue


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