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Cathedral Parish: The Good Shepherd (2007).
P.O. Box 55, Kotido.
Diocesan Priests & Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church, and LSMIG Lokocil.

Abim: Our Lady of Lourdes (1992)
P.O. Box 55, Kotido.
Diocesan Priests.

Kaabong: The Crucifixion (1965)
P.O.Box  55, Kotido.
Diocesan Priests & Sisters of Mary (Kakamega).

Kanawat: Our Lady Mother of God (1970).
C/o Mbuya Procure, P.O.Box 3872 Kampala.
Comboni Missionaries & Comboni Missionary Sisters.

Kapedo: St.Catherine of Siena (1987)
C/o Mbuya Procure, P.O.Box 3872, Kampala.
Diocesan Priests.

Karenga: Our Lady of Good Counsel (1983).
P.O.Box 55, Kotido.
Diocesan Priests & Sacred Heart Sisters (Moyo).

Losilang: Christ the King (1963).
P.O.Box 55, Kotido.
MCCJ Missionaries & Daughters of Mary (Bannabikira).

Loyoro: Sacred Heart of Jesus (1966).
P.O.Box 55, Kotido.
Mill Hill Missionaries.

Morulem: Immaculate Heart of Mary (1949).
P.O.Box 55, Kotido.
Diocesan Priests & Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate (Gulu).

Panyangara: St.Joseph (1998).
P.O.Box 92, Kotido.
Mill Hill Missionaries, Franciscan Missionary Sisters of St. Joseph (Mill Hill Srs)