Area  8,837sq. Km                    
Population (Approx.)                                                 3,665,998
Catholics (Approx.) 948,976
Number of Parishes 44
Priests (including bishops) 119
Diocesan Priests 111
Active in the Archdiocese 93
Active on Outside Assignment 8
 Active on Study                  3
On indefinite  Leave 7
Incardinated elsewhere 1
Religious Institutes/Societies of Apostolic Life 11
Benedictine Missionaries of St. Ottilien (Tororo)  5
Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales 5

Religious Brothers

Benedictine Missionaries of St. Ottilien(Tororo)  12           
Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga (Bannakaroli) 5

 Religious Sisters

Benedictine Sisters                                                   35                  
Daughters of Mary (Bannabikira) 11
Eucharistic Handmaids Sisters 9
Little Sisters of St. Francis 43
Sisters of Mary 66
Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 3
Missionaries of Charity 5
Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross 4
Catechists 1,102


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