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Heads of departments

Description Name
Bishop Bishop Joseph Franzalli
Vicar General Fr. Desiderius Pule Olima
Bishop’s Secretary Fr. Polycarp Opio
Diocesan Treasurer Br.Gilberto Bettini
Pastoral Coordinator Fr. Vallente Innocent Opio
Social service and Development (CARITAS)    Fr.George Ogwal
Education Secretary    Fr. Godfrey Ogwang
Religious Education Advisor Mr. Cyprian Ojok
Youth Chaplain    Fr. Polycarp Opio
Diocesan Health Coordinator    Sr. Hellen Akongo
Vocations Director    Fr. Lawrence Ogwang
Director- Pontifical Mission Societies    Fr. George Humble Opio
Secretary Social Communication Fr. James Michael Ebong
Lay Apostolate Coordinator    Mr. Serafino Ogwal
Women’s Desk Coordinator Mrs. Mary Azore
Land    Fr. Patrick Odur
Biblical Apostolate    Mr. Bruno Ogwal
Director Catechetical Pastoral Centre Fr.Deiaco Cosimo
Family Ministry    Fr. Arellano Louis
Diocesan Development Coordinator    Fr. George Ogwal

College of Consultors.
1.    Fr.Desiderius Pule Olima
2.    Fr. Louis Arellano
3.    Fr. Bruno Odongo
4.    Fr. Geoffrey Onimo
5.    Fr. George Ogwal
6.    Fr. Cosimo Deiaco
7.    Fr. George Onor

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