27,945 Sq Km
Total Population                    1,500,770
Catholics population                                       902,921
Number of Parishes                    27
Number of Chapels (Outstations)            681
Diocesan Priests                    68
Missionary Priests                    27
Professed Religious men of Diocesan Right     11
Professed Religious men of Pontifical Right     7
Professed Religious Women of Diocesan Right    178
Professed Religious Women of Pontifical Right 15
Catechists        965
Major Seminarians (Diocesan) 47
Major Seminarians (Religious)                17
Minor Seminarians                    123
Number Hospitals                    3
Number of Health Centres                13
Number of Nursery Schools                63
Number of Primary Schools                427
Number of Secondary & Vocational schools      41
Tertiary Institutions 2


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