Position Name
Vicar General Msgr. Richard Kayondo
Chancellor Fr. John Chrysostom Sserwadda
Treasurer Fr. Anthony Gesuula
Secretary for Education - Primary Fr. Peter Ntege
Secretary for Education – Secondary Fr. Gyaviira Kimuli
Religious Education Fr. Fr. Ignatius Ndawula
Director for Caritas Fr. John Lule
Pastoral Coordinator / Director
for the Laity
Fr. Gabriel Kiwanuka
Director for the Catechists Fr. Ignatius Kivumbi
Board of Consultors Msgr. Richard Kayondo
  Fr. Ignatius Kivumbi
  Fr. Anthony Gesuula
  Fr. Vincent Wasswa
  Fr. Paul Ssebitoogo
  Fr. Gabriel Kiwanuka
  Fr. Ignatius Ndawula
  Fr. Denis Luntamye
  Fr. Stephen Okech
Officialitas Kampala Archdiocese
Medical Services Director Fr. Pius Nnunda
Youth Chaplain (Outside Schools) Fr. Benjamin Lubega
Youth Chaplain (In Schools) Fr. Emmanuel Nzirubusa
Vocations’ Chaplain Fr. Vincent Wasswa
Director of P.M.S. Fr. Ignatius Ndawula
Liturgy Msgr. Richard Kayondo
Information Director Fr. Joseph Nsubuga
Land Fr. Ignatius Kivumbi
Censors Msgr. Richard Kayondo
  Fr. Joachim Mugalu
  Fr. John Chrysostom Maviiri



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