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Health Units

1.    Our Lady of Peace Health Centre , Bukalammuli
       P.O. Box 1, KATEERA


2.    Padre Pio Health Centre, Busunju
       P.O. Box  175, MITYANA


3.    St. Noa’s Health Centre, Buyambi
       P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


4.    St. Matia Mulumba Health Centre, Kiganda
       P.O. Box 24, MITYANA


5.    St. Luke’s Health Centre, Kiyinda
       P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


6.    St. Balikuddembe Health Centre, Kyankwanzi
       P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


7.    St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Madudu
       P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


8.    Archbishop Kiwanuka Health Centre, Mayirye
       P.O. Box 23, MITYANA


9.    Cardinal Nsubuga Memorial Health Centre, Kkande
       P.O. Box 175, MITYANA

10.  St. Gabriel’s Health Centre, Mirembe Maria
       P.O. Box 13, KASSANDA


11.  St. Jude’s Health Centre, Naama
       P.O. Box 170, MITYANA


12.  St. Antony Health Centre, Bukalagi
       P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


13. Holy Family Health Centre, Naluggi
      P.O. Box 12, MITYANA


14. St. Charles Lwanga Health Centre, Lwangiri
      P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


15. St. Noa Health Centre, Vvumba
       P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


16. St. Theresa Health Centre, Ndibata
      P.O. Box 175, MITYANA


17. Our Lady of the Sick Health Centre, Kambala
      P.O. Box 175, MITYANA

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