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Total Size 3.644.75 square km2
Total Population 4,195,968
Catholic Population 1,721,039
Parishes 63
Total number of Sub-stations (sub-parishes) 443
Total number of Priests (Religious and Diocesan)  408
Diocesan Priests  345
Diocesan Priests active in Archdiocese    281
Diocesan Priests active on study    31
Diocesan Priests active on Outside Assignment    25
Priests belonging to Institutes  79
Professed non-Priests Religious    212
Professed Religious Women 666
Number of Seminarians (major)  160
Catholic Universities (National in Character) 1
Vocational Institutions 5
Catholic-Founded Secondary Schools    72
Catholic-Founded Primary Schools 251
Catholic-Founded Hospitals 4
Catholic-Founded Health Centres and Dispensaries    19








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